Nerd Communications

Founded in 2007. We are on a mission to inspire with better strategies, ideas, products and content.

Because some of you believe that deep learning computers are the answer, we took a shot at that.

NERVIN Artificial Advertising Intelligence beta

Our Group

When we started “Nerd“ was an insult.
Like advertising agency is nowadays.
We embrace the change.

We create audience and consumer inspired experiences in Film, Television, and Live Entertainment and Games. In Los Angeles and Berlin.

Soundtracks, Audible CI, Podcasts, Publishing and production. Comes with a group of amazing creators and composers. Can you hear it coming?

We are mentoring Start Ups for over a decade. We loved some of them so much that we invested more than thoughts.

Here is what we know for sure about ourselves: We are relatively normal humans with various superpowers and completely different backgrounds, putting our heads together for the greater good. Our focus flows between tech, art, music, human interaction, film, commerce, and philosophy. And how to make the world more welcoming for species more intelligent than ourselves. Of course, even we can be persuaded by clients to set our minds on products, services, or their fledgeling idea. Because back in the day, who would they turn to when they needed help with that algebra equation? Right, the kid with the funny glasses who sat behind them in class. Back then they weren’t too worried about exactly how he solved the problem. They were just happy that he did. We are working hard to give our clients that feeling back.


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